Q. How do I choose the right size?

Please refer size to our size chart.

Q. Where do you sell and distribute your products?

Our online shop delivers jewellery across UK, Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and USA. VAT has already included in online price. Standard €50.00 delivery fee will be applied at the point of checkout.

We plan to add more regions as we expand. Meanwhile, if you are interested in our products but you do not reside in the regions listed above, you are still welcome to place an order through our contact form, or email us your interest to cs@vivienne-diamant.com.

Q. Does VAT apply on the price of products of Vivienne Diamant online store?

Yes, VAT is already included in our online price.


Q. How much delivery costs will I pay? And how long will I receive my goods?

In the spring of 2019 or thereafter, every item(s) purchasing through Vivienne Diamant official website include(s) a standard delivery fee, which is a fixed amount that does not vary with number of purchased items.

The delivery fee will be fixed at €50.00 and shown at the point of check-out. On normal conditions, item(s) will be delivery to your instructed address within 7~14 days after we receive your full order payment. Our customer service team will notify the order status through your email.

Q. How much custom duties will I pay?

Amount of custom duties you will need to pay depends on to where the goods are sent and what you ordered.

Q. What if I would like to change my delivery address?

Please contact us through our contact form ASAP, or email our order team immediately (Email: order@vivienne-diamant.com).

Additional fee will be applied if address needs to be changed. Depends on the timing, fee may vary. On average, it will cost you €20.00 to change address.

Guarantee & Authenticity Check

Q. Does Vivienne Diamant jewellery come with warranty?

All Vivienne Diamant jewellery has 2-year legal warranty (from the date of purchase), to cover all manufacturing defects.

These warranties do not cover the following: damages resulting from accidents and improper use or misuse of jewellery, consequences of normal wear and tear of jewellery, as well as any damage resulting from repairs or manipulation not carried out by us.

To check whether your situation is eligible for warranty, please contact us through our contact form, or email us (Email: cs@vivienne-diamant.com).

Q. How will Vivienne Diamant jewellery be packaged?

Vivienne Diamant jewellery is packaged with a jewellery box, a pouch, a warranty card, and a handbag. If you order our bracelet, a gift will be attached for you!

Q. How can I know my Vivienne Diamant jewellery is authenticated?

The only way to guarantee the authenticity of Vivienne Diamant jewellery is to purchase it from Vivienne Diamant official website (www.vivienne-diamant.com), or from our authorised retailers.

When purchasing any Vivienne Diamant jewellery, you will be given a receipt and a certificate of authenticity. Please keep these two documents safe.

Quality Promise

Q. What is the quality of the diamond used in Vivienne Diamant jewellery?

Vivienne Diamant selects diamonds very carefully. Each of diamonds Vivienne Diamant uses has to be F-above colour and VS2-above clarity.

Q. What is the quality of the gold used in Vivienne Diamant jewellery?

When gold is used, Vivienne Diamant only uses 18K gold (containing at least 75% of pure gold) to make their jewellery. For consumers' safety and environmental protection, no Cd or Ni is allowed inside our gold products.

Return & Exchange

Q. How to Return or Exchange?

No return and exchange is allowed unless there is a manufacturing defect, or the item(s) you receive isn't what you ordered.

Once the exterior transparent safety bag is open or borken, no return is allowed. Hence, please do check your item(s) before opening it/them.

Exchanges will be allowed in some situations. If you would like an exchange, please contact us either through our contact form ASAP. Or contact our order team (order@vivienne-diamant.com) immediately.

Q. What should I do if my jewellery doesn't match what I ordered, or is broken?

If you find that the item(s) you receive isn't what you ordered, or has some issues, please contact us either through our contact form ASAP. Or contact our order team (order@vivienne-diamant.com) immediately. We shall deal with your problem shortly. In this case, we will deliver you the correct one(s) with no additional delivery costs.

Maintenance & After-Sale Services

Q. How do I take care of my Vivienne Diamant jewellery?

Like all jewellery with precious stones, a Vivienne Diamant creation made from 18K gold & diamonds & pearls, or Palladium silver & zircon is delicate and must be handled with care.

To avoid early damage, you should avoid: sudden movements and stretches when wearing your jewellery; impacts and scratches when not wearing your jewellery; contacts with detergents or other chemicals, and so on.

To extend jewellery life, you should try to: store your jewellery in its box when not wearing it; use dish soap and a soft toothbrush under hot water when cleaning your jewellery.

Q. Where can I take my jewellery for servicing?

If you want to get your Vivienne Diamant jewellery serviced (cleaning, checking the mounting, etc.), please contact us either through our contact form. Or you can write us an email. (Email: cs@vivienne-diamant.com) We will assign a jewellery advisor to help you.

Q. What if my Vivienne Diamant jewellery have a problem (e.g. broken chain, loose diamond, etc.) and I want to fix it?

Please either contact us through our contact form. Or you can write us an email at the following address: cs@vivienne-diamant.com. Our advisers will arrange an examination of your jewellery and provide the appropriate service soon.