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Colourful Line Bracelets

Ready to make your memorable moment timeless? Our latest designs wish you luck, friendship, and happiness!

Vivienne Diamant Selection

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D0022000N_D02200N_Aphrodite Necklace_Rose Gold_Full Chain_Vivienne Diamant

Aphrodite Necklace

E0102100E_Vina-Earrings-White Gold

Vina Earrings

D0124001B_Amour 05 Plus_Rose Gold_Red Line

Amour Bracelet

B0051001B_B05101B_Roman VI_Rose Gold_Half Chain_Red_Vivienne Diamant

Roman VI Bracelet

C0112100N_C11210N_Forever 20 Necklace_White Gold_Vivienne Diamant

Forever 20 Necklace

D0082000N_Hope10_Rose Gold

Hope 10 Necklace

D0123004B-G_Line Bracelet_Amour 05_Rose Gold_Deep Pink

Amour Bracelet

A0112200E_Grace_Earrings_Yellow Gold

Grace Earrings

A0102200N_April_Necklace_Yellow Gold

April Necklace

A0062000E_Pear Flower Earrings_Rose Gold

Pear Flower Earrings

C0082000B_C08200B(5.5mm) (R)

Simple Bracelet

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18K Gold, F-coloured/VS2-clarity Diamond
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Brilliant & classic designs from Europe
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Cheer for happy memories!
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Roman VI

Jewellery Collection for elegant & beautiful ladies
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Rules of Game

Jewellery collection for fashionable & young ladies
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Jewellery Collection for strong & stylish ladies
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Mercury & Mars

Jewellery Collection for stylish & cheerful lovers