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Ready to make your memorable moment timeless? Our latest designs wish you luck, romance, and happiness!

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D0022000N_D02200N(七環)_Aphrodite Necklace_Rose Gold_Full Chain_Vivienne Diamant

Aphrodite Necklace

E0102100E_Vina-Earrings-White Gold

Vina Earrings

D0124001B-Amour 05 雙線單鍊

Amour Bracelet

B0051001B_B05101B_Roman VI_Rose Gold_Half Chain_Red_Vivienne Diamant

Roman VI Bracelet

C0112100N_C11210N(七環)_Forever 20 Necklace_White Gold_Vivienne Diamant

Forever 20 Necklace

D0082000N_D08200N(七環)_Hope 10 Necklace_Rose Gold_Full Chain_Vivienne Diamant

Hope 10 Necklace

D0123004B-G_Amour 05_Deep pink(細)

Amour Bracelet

A0112200E_Grace_Earrings_Yellow Gold

Grace Earrings

A0102200N_April_Necklace_Yellow Gold

April Necklace

A0062000E_Pear Flower Earrings_Rose Gold

Pear Flower Earrings

C0082000B_C08200B(5.5mm) (R)

Simple Bracelet

The Diamonds of Vivienne Diamant

Vivienne Diamant's diamonds all have to be at or above F-colour and VS2-clarity. Only those, which pass our stringent quality control, can be set on our jewellery.

The Pearls of Vivienne Diamant

All Vivienne Diamant’s pearls are imported from Japan and bred from seawater. They all have very smooth and reflective skin.