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Jewellery Guide

18k Gold

All Vivienne Diamant jewellery are made of 18k gold (except collection Dream). Whenever there is enough surface area, either the back or the side of the jewellery will be punched with a mark showing Au750, along with a 18k-gold certified hallmark from the French Assay Offices. These marks are implemented to ensure that the gold content of the jewellery purchased by consumers is at least 75%.

The most important definition of 18k gold is "the gold content must be at least 75%." The rest of 25% or less is made up of precious metal alloy and holds the key to determine the colour of the 18k gold. Following EU regulations, Vivienne Diamant's alloy composition must not contain cadmium, nickel or other substances that are harmful to the environment and allergic to the human body.

Currently, Vivienne Diamant provides the following 18k gold colour:

18k White Gold silver white appearance; the beginning colour looks very similar to platinum's colour; some very light yellow luster would come out on the outer of 18k white gold after 4-5 years or more (assuming there is no original maintenance.)
18k Rose Gold present in rose pink or orangish pink; considered to be the most popular 18k gold colour; as its alloy contains copper, when either it has not be worn daily or it is exposed to high humidity in a long period, the metal colour would go darker; highly recommended to have periodic maintenance done by its original factory.
18k Yellow Gold has light and soft yellow gold colour; however, its gold colour is not as strong as the colour of pure gold; intends to add more elegance to pure gold; its colour and luster is considerably more stable than the other two 18k gold colour.

The metal luster of all 18k gold jewellery may change slightly due to time and usage. When you are not satisfied with such colour change, we recommend you send products back to our factory. Each Vivienne Diamant jewellery has a 1-year guarantee to assist customers to maintain the beauty of the jewellery.

18k gold jewellery is very different to 18k gold plated jewellery. The 18k gold plated jewellery only has a thin surface of 18k gold to help increase the glow of the product and delay oxidation. The 18k gold plated jewellery does not contain at least 75% gold, and therefore it is cheaper by nature. It cannot be a comparison of any Vivienne Diamant jewellery products.

Vivienne Diamant jewellery price will be adjusted according to the price fluctuation of gold. It is all designed and manufactured in Europe, which makes it much more valuable and precious.

Vivienne Diamant dare to claim to be the leading jewellery maison in Europe because of its insistence on craftsmanship and material quality. Each Vivienne Diamant jewellery work must go through the process of fine jewellery making, but its design is more simplistic yet elegant. This is believed to offer customers more comfort in wearing it every day, reducing the heaviness of vanity, and truly showing the elegance and nobility.