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Size Guide

Clasp Bracelet - Full Chain, Half Chain, or Full Line

Our clasp bracelet uses adjustment rings to adjust size fixed-pointly. To wear them, you need to use the clasp to fasten one of the adjustment rings. Every bracelet has at least 2 rings to adjust the motif body to its ideal position, and a 1 cm-long masion tag. Size 7* is our standard size for clasp bracelets. When there is a maison tag at end of the bracelet, please refer to the following table for bracelet size guidance:

Size Label Wrist Size (cm) Total Length (cm) No. of Ring
4 ≤13 14 2
5 13.1~14 15 2~3
6 14.1~15 16 2~3
7* 15.1~16 17 2~4
8 16.1~17 18 2~4
9 17.1~18 19 2~4

How will the bracelet look like:
A: the shortest    |    B: the longest    |    C: the total length = B + 1 cm maison tag

We highly recommend you choose bracelet size according to the wrist size. The total length is not a good indicator of size because of the 1 cm difference of the maison tag.

How to find your wrist size and select bracelet size that fits you:
(1) you will need a cloth ruler to measure your wrist
(2) find the right size label through the range of the wrist size
◈ Please also notice that your wrist size may become smaller in colder temperature or become larger at the end of the day. Hence, it is better for you to measure your wrists at the end of the day, when they tend to be largest.